PC Up & Running, But…

I had a couple of complications with my PC upgrades order earlier this week. They did two partial shipments separated by two days so I had to wait until yesterday to get all the parts in hand. The up side was they also accidentally sent me a boxed Pentium 4 1.8GHz. My account was never charged and it shows nothing on the invoice or shipping forms. Go me! I have no use for it at all, so tell me if ya want it… real cheap.

Anyway, I got it all together and installed everything earlier today. Then I completely wiped the hard drives and installed a fresh new Windows 2000 Pro onto it. I actually do a full wipe maybe twice a year on my PC anyways because Windows is so damn unstable and unpredictable, so this was no big deal. I never keep anything important on it anyways. That’s what my reliable Macs are for.

So it’s up, it’s running, and it’s damn fast. Even SimCity 4000 (which easily has some of the steepest hardware requirements out there) is running as smooth as silk. I went and took some nice pic but after I checked them out, I noticed how terrible the system looked. It’s using the same huge case I’ve been using for the last 2 years. Now I’m on a mission to find a better case.

I would like to stick with something Antec (or anything based on the Chenming case designs) because they are so damn easy to work with. Did a little research tonight by going out to Fry’s and I found what seems to be this great case done by X-pider. I’m not sure if that’s the brand or the case name. Never heard of them, but it’s a Chenmin case and it’s getting solid reviews. The only problem is they don’t offer one without a power supply so that’s an extra $40 on the price for something I don’t need. The blue one is too damn nice, though.

So here’s what I need from you. Feedback/recommendations on cases is the first thing. Next is a name for her, my PC. There’s enough new parts in there to really give it a new name. The PC she’s replacing is called “Monolith” because of the sheer size and weight of the thing. The new one is going to be smaller, much faster, and with a couple of good case mods. Go with it and bring forth.

I’m gonna hold off on the pics and put up some new ones after I get my new case. If anyone knows where the official site for that Xpider case is, please let me know (that link above is to an online retailer site and the pics suck). Also let me know if you can take that extra 1.8GHz P4 off my hands.