One Hot Ass Boring Weekend

It’s mid-October and I have no idea why the hell it’s so damn hot. This entire weekend was just hot hot. Our high here in the valley was 94 degrees today (well, yesterday now). Come on now! I thought it was suppose to be fall already. It should come down to about 80 by the end of the week so I’m looking forward to that. I don’t want to even think about how hot it’s going to be in Arizona when I visit there in 2 weeks.

So what did I do this weekend? Hmm. Absolutely nothing. It wasn’t even close to nice. Bored out of my mind really. Sundays have turned into quite the same routine lately. I get up just to go out into the living room to take a nap before football starts. Then when it does start, I basically live on my couch with my Powerbook until about 4pm watching my teams suck the big one and trying to figure out if I’m going into work crying the next day because my fantasy football team lost or not.

I think the only thing I did that was even remotely interesting was see The Texas Chainsaw Massacre on Friday. It’s a real good remake and helped a lot to get me into an even bigger Halloween mood. Nice and scary. If you’re into those type of movies, it’s not to be missed.

Yes, very productive was I this weekend. Very productive indeed. Oh well, though. I guess you have to have a weekend like this every once in a while. I think the fact that I was just low on spending cash contributed a lot to it. In fact, I might be having another Ramen week here. It’s an hour into Monday right now and I already can’t wait for this week to be over. Good luck to us all…