Oh Mac Goodness!

So another MacWorld keynote comes and goes, but with it’s passing it leaves behind a very bright future. Most people will probably view this show as a let down because of the minor hardware announcements. A lot of this “let down” is fueled by so-called rumors sites (such as MacOSRumors) thinking they can predict certain things from their “inside info” and then readers get upset when it doesn’t happen. What a surprise. Most of these rumor sites are already reporting on the expo saying it was boring and underwhelming (even with it not even close to being over yet). A lot of this seems to stem from the fact that they weren’t even allowed into the show and, in turn, decided to verbally bash Apple’s tactics and say things like “We’ll never go to another expo again!” Well, that’s a pretty interesting stance since you aren’t invited anymore. Childish if you ask me, but that’s what’s great about the internet I guess. Any ignorant a**hole like myself can get on and talk about anything they want. Here’s a fact for ya rumor site whores out there (you remember facts, don’t ya?): It doesn’t take a genius to predict what may happen at an expo like this if you keep up with industry news.

I, on the other hand, think this was an extremely good expo because of the large amount of very useful and innovative software announcements which showed a clear direction for Apple as a company. Yes, most of it was already known to the public, but the overall showcase was still very impressive. The new version of OS X looks amazing and is jam packed with new features. The .MAC strategy (although somewhat pricey in its current form) is proof positive that Apple sees a much bigger picture and is taking the necessary steps towards a much broader product and service offering in the future. Also, unlike Microsoft’s .NET strategy, .MAC works. I already laid down my $49.95 for the .MAC service and am looking forward to every bit of it. What can I say? I’m such an Apple whore!