November, HDTV, and a certain Xbox

Geez. Talk about neglect. It’s not like I’m so damn busy that I can’t update here and there. Well, once again, I will try and make some kinda of effort to post a little more. Let’s do a little catch up.

I know I say this every time I get on here, but the year is going by so quick. I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving. Soon it’ll be Christmas and then 2006. How can it be the middle of November right now and be 90 degrees outside? Kinda pisses me off. I’m dying for that cold weather right now. Oh well.

I spent way too much money this weekend. I mean way too much. I finally got myself an HDTV. Been doing a ton of research on them for the past year. Finally got my ass out there and picked one up. The HDTV market is one of the few markets where the best selling units are actually the best quality too and that’s because HD users are generally more higher-end users that take the time to learn about the tech. When it comes to rear projection HDTV, there’s really only two big players are far as quality goes and that would be Samsung and Mitsubishi. You would think Sony would be up there too, but they’re consistently scored lower than everyone else and, therefore, don’t sell well at all. I decided on the Samsung HL-5078W and so far, I’m absolutely amazed. There’s nothing on this thing to disappoint. It’s got all the major connections and then some. The picture quality is simply beautiful. I’ll be getting full HD broadcasting hooked up this week also.

Ok, so the reason I finally pushed myself to get the HDTV was because of another large purchase I have already paid for and will be picking up tonight at midnight. I’m talking Xbox 360. I’m gonna have this monster tonight and all ready for full HD viewing. If I don’t post the rest of the week, you’ll know exactly why.