I like how everyone and their mom (my mom included) have been asking if I got my iPhone yet. Yes, I am a huge consumer whore. Yes, I’m a huge Apple supporter. Even so, no, I have no gotten my iPhone yet. No, I don’t plan to get it anytime soon. No, I don’t plan to get it at all. I’m sure it’s going to be a huge consumer hit, but for me, it’s simply not very appealing in its current form. For every one thing that gets me excited, there are five things that detract me from it. I’m sure I’ll buy a future version of the device. One that has removable or a poop load of storage to truly replace an iPod, shell access, real SDKs for developers, 3G support, and realistic price. Until then, I can’t see this current iPhone swaying any Windows Mobile or Blackberry users.

Now what I am excited about is a future version of my Blackberry 8800 with 3G support. I’m far too happy with that phone to trade it up for anything right now.