Nikon D70 Looking Good

Digital Photography Review: “…it was fairly clear that Canon (EOS 300D) were offering a formidable package at an excellent price which would be the mark for affordable digital SLR’s of the future, with image quality almost identical to the EOS 10D and a sub-$1000 price it caused a significant ripple in the market. Now however it’s clear that Nikon were well aware of this and had the D70 up their sleeve, a camera which is a significant step ahead of the EOS 300D in terms of build quality and feature set and a match, and in some instances better from an image quality point of view.”

Interesting. I was expecting Canon’s EOS 300D to lay an ass whooping on Nikon’s D70. Looks like that’s not the case at all. Something to definitely check out if you’re looking into D-SLR territory. The D70 seems to also give you no reason to check out a D100 anymore (not that there ever was a reason to begin with).

I’m still debating on which D-SLR to get. With a couple of friends recently purchasing the Sony F828, it just helps to fuel my interest. I’m thinking I want to wait for a revision to either the Canon EOS 300D or 10D at this point just to see if they’ll bring down that great CMOS they’re using in the new EOS 1D Mark II.