Night of the Panther

Well it looks like we made it through the night. Good news for sure and just in time for me to head on over to The Apple Store in Pasadena last night. Why? Well to wait in line with all of the other devoted to pick up my copy of Panther of course. I got a whole bunch of images taken with both my camera and phone. As always, just need to find the time to put them up (along with every other gallery I’ve neglected over the past 9 months).

Panther is fast. I don’t know about the faster machines but on my dual 450 G4, it’s noticeable. iCal, Mail, and Address Book are surprisingly quick. If you used these before, you know how much of a slug they were. The new Finder is nice and Expos⁄, well, I don’t know how I ever lived without it. It’s a good upgrade and worth the $130. Go get.