New Game and the Antics That Follow

I love coming back from Electronic Boutique with a couple of new games. I picked up Unreal Tournament 2003 and Battlefield 1942 today and break in process is going great!

We watched USC football play Oregon St. Go USC!!! Though I think Battlefield (or BF as I like to call him) is a bit of an Oregon St. fan.

I kicked the crap out of them in Halo. Well, they beat me in the first round but I took the last 2.

After dinner and a long day, I made sure they brushed their teeth. Our games can’t have bad breath and germs.

Finally the day came to an end. We all had a lot of fun together and we can’t wait to wake up the next morning to watch a little pro football. UT and I have a bet on the Bears/Bills game. I think he’ll be owing me some money at the end of that one. Until then, it’s sleepy time for us.