My Sunday

I had a fairly unproductive day yesterday. Started off with calling my parent’s place to wish my brother a happy birthday, but he wasn’t home. Continued to watch the NASCAR race (which sucked a**). A friend came over a little later and we went out to lunch. Well, it was more like a tons of ice cream. After getting over my stomach ache, I called up Amanda. She came over and hung for a while.

Let me tell you how cool this girl is. She helped me with my laundry! Anyone who helps me with my laundry is automatically on my cool list because of the simple fact that laundry is the devil’s chore and I will always hate doing it with a passion. So what else you ask? Well, I started whining to myself about being hungry and said that we need to go out and get some food. Without a moment’s notice, she’s up in my kitchen scavenging for anything to make. Now I’ve had girls cook for me before, but it was usually a pre-planned type of deal. This was purely a spontaneous act and I was so damn happily caught off guard when it happened. I asked her to stay the night, but she turned me down. “Crash and burn Mav…” Come on people! It’s from Top Gun. So the day ended and although it was unproductive, I still had hella fun. Sorry about the Northern California “hella” slang.