My stupid throat

So I’ve been wrestling with tonsillitis for the last year. I just dealt with another round of it this past couple of weeks and it’s been the worst it’s ever been. It feels like I’ve been continuously swallowing and throwing up a cocktail made up of sandpaper, dirt, and nightmares. Anyway, I went to an oral surgeon and they told me the thing I kinda feared the most. I need to get my tonsils removed.

I’ve never needed to be put under for any surgery. I’ve never broken a bone. I’ve never needed to be in a hospital for an extended period of time. All of this is new and scary to me. On top of this, I can’t afford to be down for recovery for 1-2 weeks. I need to get it done, but I’m going to be looking at doing sometime towards the end of the year.

Honestly, there’s more to this. I have a fear of the unknown and there’s just a lot of unknowns I’m currently facing. As scared as I am, I have no choice but to pick some and hit them head on. That being the case, other issues take a priority over the throat right now. So what are these other unknowns I’m speaking of? That’s another night.