My Short Spiderman Review

I was pretty upset that I didn’t get to see this movie on it’s opening day mainly because you get the good crowds who are really into it and don’t hold anything back as far as showing how they feel about the scenes. So I waited and waited until one of my friends were free (I’m not one of those people that like to go to movies by myself) and we finally caught a 10:10pm showing on Sunday night right after watching a great X-files.


Most comic book adaptations to movies have been, for the most part, lame. This is not the case with Spiderman. I mean it is no Batman (just the first one, hehe), but it’s close. There’s plenty of action, the acting was decent, Danny Elfman does a great job of scoring the thing, oh… and of course there is Kirsten Dunst. You can give most of the credit to Sam Raimi for this movie though. Although I’d say a majority of his films have been absolute crap, Spiderman does not fall into that category. We also can’t forget about Kirsten Dunst.

So was there anything I didn’t like? Or course. There was a good amount of dialog that just needed to be thrown away, I would have enjoyed more live action sequences than the many CG sequences, and Ms. Dunst doesn’t get naked (although there was a hint of nipple). Oh and there’s one thing that REALLY bothered me. The whole class is on this field trip to some lab at one point and they’re looking at these 15 genetically enhanced super spider. Mary Jane (Dunst) looks in and says she only sees 14. The guide then basically says “oh well” and continues on. If some super mutant changing rabid genetically enhanced spider was on the loose, I think I’d probably do a little bit more than say “oh well”. “Oh forget about that little guy. We let him frolic and play as he wants. Forget about the fact that if he bites you, you’re going to start wearing colored spandex because your DNA has been screwed with.”

Other than that, it’s a solid movie and it has Kirsten Dunst. I highly recommend it to any looking to zone out for 121 minutes. Oh, did I mention that Kirsten Dunst is in it?