My Saturday So Far

I just woke up from a quick hour nap. Before that, Amanda just went home since coming over yesterday and spending the night. She’s my cool redhead chick. I also took a trip over to Fry’s today to pick up an extra monitor. I’ve been in hell using a single display setup on my Mac ever since my Sony monitor took a major dump 5 months ago. Just brought home my new ViewSonic and it’s beautiful. Also purchased my copy of QuickTime 6 Pro. If you haven’t downloaded the new version for free yet, you better get your a** over there and do it. Mmm, more Mac goodness. Now I think I’m going to play Wipeout Fusion for an hour or so before I start to get ready to go out tonight. Oh man, I just read over what I wrote and there’s no way i’m going to be able to make this post anymore interesting. Maybe next time will be different. Oh well.