My Oh So Wonderful Day

The planets were completely aligned today and could not possibly be more against my favor. Within the span of about 3 minutes, I successfully lost about $400. I didn’t spend that money. That would have at least been a trade of sorts. No, I actually lost it and it’s completely my dumb ass’ fault. How? Let me make this as brief as possible.

I was getting into my car to go home for the day when my Ray Bans ($80) suddenly fell off my collar. The frame broke and the lens is scratched to all shit. No big deal. I drive out the parking lot and make the right turn I always make when all of a sudden something goes flying off my roof. “What the hell was that white thing?!” My iPod ($300) smashes to the ground and rolls about 10-20 feet. Won’t start up. Won’t mount. It’s dead. See the damn picture. Now I’m about half way home and I can’t find my paycheck I just picked up. Guess what? It was next to my iPod on the roof. Another $25 to cancel that check and reissue another one. Did I also mention that I got written up today for tardiness? I deserved that at least.

Anyway, I can’t live without my iPod, so I picked up a 20GB version today from the Apple store in Pasadena. It’s nice, but it wont heal the scars that run deep in me from this day. Curse you Jebus!!! Good luck to us all…