My New Rally Car

A while back (maybe 6 or 7 years ago), my friends and I were really into RC cars. We all had professional buggys and truck that we took over to a track to race and it was fun stuff. Over the years, I basically lost interest in it, but I never sold my car (an Associated RC10 Team Buggy). Recently, my interest in it has started to peak and after doing a little reseach, I’ve found that most of the electrics haven’t advanced that much in 6 years. The cars themselves have gotten very advanced though. So this mean I can basically use all of my same electronics from my last car, spend money on an extra car kit, and I’ll be up rolling in no time. Well, I bought my kit yesterday. It’s the HPI RS4 Rally with the Subaru body and it’s a bad ass piece of technology. I was working on it all night and I’m basically done except with the body, but I don’t really like that older Subaru too much. This is where I ask for your opinion. Which one of these bodies do you guys like? Keep in mind that it’s a rally car, but I like the street bodies too. Ohh, as if you’re really interested, I’ll put up pictures of it soon for all to see.