My Holiday Weekend

Normally, I would love the weather we’re having here in SoCal. It’s very windy with a slight drizzle and suppose to turn into thunder storms and heavy showers later. Yup, normally I’d love it, but not this week. It’s just adding to the frustration at this point. This is easily the most stressful week I’ve had since the last time our server took a dump which was two years ago and it seems there is more to come.

So some things about this holiday weekend. Well, celebrated Christmas with the family over at grandma’s house, exchanged gifts, and ate way too much. My parents got me my motorcycle jacket. Go figure, now I have everything but the motorcycle. That’s coming next month for sure. I’m looking at the naked sport bikes (ie. Honda 599 or Suzuki SV650) and the lower end fairing sport bikes (ie Yamaha YZF600 or Honda F4i).

I was able to get my traffic school done online. It’s the first (and hopefully the last) time I’ve done the online thing with traffic school. Let me tell ya, it’s way better than the classes and you can cheat your ass off with it. The 4 hour course took me about 15 mins. Nice.

Anything happen with you this holiday weekend?