Monday Thoughts

I’m thinking that I need to post a lot more personal stuff on here because that was the original reason I made and I haven’t really stuck to the formula. I think on of the big reasons I stopped is because I didn’t want to hurt or offend anyone who might be reading it, but you know what? F*ck ’em. Everyone knows already that I don’t mean to hurt people. I already say things like I see them in real life. Might as well do it in my virtual life too.

I’m thinking because of the lack of interesting content on this site, maybe it’s about time to open up my personal journal I kept online last year when I was going through a lousy breakup with my ex-girlfriend. It was something I was keeping before I started (which I actually started because of that whole bullsh*t time of my life) and was suppose to be included in the first set of posts, but I never got around to it. I think it’s interesting because it’s a perfect example of how feelings get in the way of rational decision making (something I very much try and not let myself do now). You’ll be able to actually see how this one girl really screwed up my thinking and the stupid things I continued to do while we were still interacting afterwards.

I’m thinking that I need to come up with better themes for October. All of them have been pretty basic and none worked very well. Starting sometime this week, I’m going to make themes based on my favorite Halloween-type movies. If ya know me, I’m pretty sure you can guess what the first one is going to be.

More thoughts as the day goes by…