Monday Mush

I’m still trying to work through my cold here. I’m feeling much better now than I was this weekend. If it wasn’t for my friend visiting from Arizona and another friend’s birthday, I probably would have stayed in bed all weekend. It’s really what I should have done and what I wanted to do, but oh well. I’m working everyday this week except Wednesday. Same goes for next week. It sucks that Christmas and New Years has to fall smack dab in the middle of the week because you don’t get much time to spend with anyone. I think I’ve finished up all of my Christmas shopping and that’s always a big plus. The gifts for my family aren’t very creative (as always). There’s the go-to gift certificates from Best Buy, a couple of DVDs, DVD players, and maybe a couple little stocking stuffers. No big deal. I still haven’t gone up to Hastings Ranch to see the lights yet. I’m waiting to take this one person up there sometime soon. If all goes as well as it has been (and I hope it does), you’ll hopefully be hearing more about her later on. Another storm is suppose to come through California this week and it’s probably gonna bring a good amount of snow to the mountains. If this is the case, I know what I’m doing this weekend.

I know, I’m just stating a bunch of nonsense. If it’s sounding like I’m bored writing this, it’s because I am. Things have just been very blase lately and I’m looking for stuff that will spark my interest. To make matters worse, I tend to have a pretty short attention span. It’s a curse. Anyway, I’m gonna try and update a lot this week because of the last couple of lackluster weeks. I’m updating my top 5 girls list tonight and doing some general back end cleanup to my site. Hopefully I’ll have some pretty interesting stuff to laid down here. Talk to ya soon.