Mid-Week Update

It’s Wednesday and that means we’re half way to the weekend. I was planning to go to Arizona this weekend but that looks like it’s gonna fall through. My girl—— finally found a place to live and she’s gonna need help moving in on Saturday. I’m ecstatic if you can’t tell. Oh well. Next time I guess.

So there was this sale on DVD at Target (go figure) last weekend and I picked up American Psycho and Torque. Haven’t checked out American Psycho yet but Torque was pretty cool. Make no mistake about it. Torque is absolute crap, but it’s really freakin’ cool crap.

I picked up a game yesterday that I’d been waiting to come out for a while, Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising. It’s a very large scale, realistic, first person shooter using modern warfare that’s suppose to compete with the Battlefield series. Let me tell you right now that this thing makes me not want to even load up Battlefield again. You get to choose what type of character you’ll be playing (rifleman, sniper, pilot, etc…) and then you get dropped into a huge world with 149 other players online where you can drive any vehicle or pilot and ship. Pure awesomeness! Let me give ya a scenario that happened yesterday when I was playing. I got into the pilot seat of AH6 Little Bird helicopter. 4 riflemen loaded up with me. I took off and was then greeted by 2 AH60 Blackhawk helicopters with two gunners each that offered me cover and escort to our designation. As soon as we got there, the two Blackhawks immediately went into cover patterns around me as I landed and let out the 4 riflemen. I then took off and helped protect the base with the 2 Blackhawks. And all of this happening with bullets, RPGs, and stinger missiles from major opposition (also controlled by real people) flying by your cockpit. Now that’s just exciting, especially when it gets pulled off so fluently and with people who play the game seriously. Bottom line… get Joint Operations.

One more thing. Gmail is still freakin’ cool. They gave me a good number of invites to send out to friends so if you want one, just send me an e-mail at roguegeek@gmail.com.