Mid, err… Quarter-Life Crisis

It’s a slow Thursday for some reason. Usually Wednesdays and Thursdays are pretty busy, but that doesn’t seem to be the case this week. Good for me I guess. Still, the weekend can’t come soon enough.

So it was my birthday last weekend. I hit the big 26. There was a decent amount of drinking and way too much food. Good stuff. My parent’s paid for my motorcycle classes and my brothers got me riding gloves to take the tests. I seriously can’t wait to get my license next month.

Getting older isn’t fun. What most people would call their quarter life crisis, I’m calling my mid-life crisis. Seriously, I need to start eating better and exercising more or I’ll be dead by 50. About a month ago, I started to cut back a lot on the fast food. There’s probably been about two or three times I’ve gone fast food since there. That’s a pretty big cut considering I was eating there nearly every day. The girlfriend’s been a big help with that. She’s turned me onto actually buying stuff from the market and cooking it myself. It’s turning out to be way cheaper to so I got that going for me. Look ma, I’m cookin!

As for the exercising, that’s a different story. We’ve tried to go on hikes and walks together, but I hate that. It’s so freaking boring. I’d much rather be playing a sport or something to that effect. So when I ask if we should go play tennis, we reverse roles and it’s her who usually doesn’t want to. Shit, I haven’t even been to the beach this summer yet. How can you live in So Cal and not go to the beach? Maybe this weekend. Bottom line, I need to get out of the home and get in the sun.

I think I’ve mentioned before how much I am not a fan of basketball. Too much individualism, less of a push on team play, too much showing off, and way too many crybaby players pretending to fall to draw fouls. It’s not a damn diving competition. Anyways, I bring it up because you can’t be in Los Angeles this week without hearing about the Lakers. Seems to be the big discussion at work the last couple of days. “Shaq’s gone. Thank god!” Thank god? Umm, from what I understand, we just lost the most dominant player in the NBA. They probably would have said the same thing about Kobe if he left us too. I guess I’m just tired of hearing about it at this point. Actually, I should be the last person complaining about basketball considering hockey may not even be around anymore. I’m really not sure why people don’t watch it.

Alright, enough bitching for now.