Look What I Found

I meant to put this up last week when it actually happened, but I didn’t get around to it. So after Rachel left for work one morning, I woke up and found this sitting on top of my PC monitor. Actually, I found it when I came home from work that day. It reads “2 cute 2 be 4 gotten” on it. So the first thing I think is “Oh crap, she accidentally left this here. I better call her so she can get it to who it was meant for.” Seriously, that’s what I thought. I even brought it up with a friend at work, but we came to the conclusion that it was meant for me. Anyway, I’m a sucker for any kind of appreciation or gift and no one has given something like that to me in a long time and I really don’t like remembering those past times. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Thanx!

No, this wasn’t the personal post I was originally thinking of. Just trying to play catch-up right now.