Licensed Motorcyclist

Rainy in SoCal today? I wasn’t expecting this. It’s a nice surprise. Well I’m finally a licensed motorcyclist. Went in to take my written test last Friday and barely passed my first time through. I had no idea you now have to take the basic driving test along with the motorcycle test when you go in for a license. Caught me off guard. Here are the questions I missed. What answers would you have picked?

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td class=”small”>1. To predict how a hazard may affect you, it’s important to:
font color=”red”>(a) Watch for brake lights or turn signals.
(b) Adjust speed to get around the hazard.
font color=”green”>(c) Know the speed, distance, and direction that the hazard is moving.

2. To see better when following a vehicle at night:
font color=”red”>(a) Increase your following distance and use your low beam.
(b) Drop far back and use your high beam.
font color=”green”>(c) Use the headlights of the vehicle ahead.

3. If you must stop quickly while turning and you are unable to straighten the motorcycle first, apply the:
(a) Front brake and increase your lean angle.
font color=”green”>(b) Brake harder as the lean is reduced.
font color=”red”>(c) Brake first and then lean away from the turn.


Give me your answers and I’ll post up the correct ones in a week or so.

So now it’s time to look for insurance. I’m not in too much of a rush. Took the bike in for full service a week ago and I wont be getting it back until this Wednesday. Nothing wrong with it. Just wanted to do the basic service and have them do a safety inspection. Man, am I looking forward to getting it back.