Late Night Or Early Morning?

Can you believe it’s 3am and I’m not even close to being tired yet? SoCal is still getting pounded by rain and it sucks balls. You know what else sucks balls? Hunter S. Thompson committed suicide yesterday. I’m gonna missed all of the non-sensical raving of his lunatic mind. Can ya guess where that quote is from? Anyway, I’m sure countless people probably thought this wouldn’t be the way he’d go. In any case, he’ll be missed for sure. I wonder if they’ll actually create a statue of a fist with two thumbs for him (an idea by HST for his memorial). You can check out his last ESPN editorial that he did back on the 15th here.

Since I can’t sleep, I’m contemplating going out for a drive up to Angeles Crest and checking out the thunder storm. May even take some pictures. Actual, I was thinking about that the other day. I used to update my photo album all the damn time. Haven’t updated it in over a year now. I’m way past due to do something with it. I guess that’s just another incentive to go out right now.

Remember the refrigerator blues? Of course you don’t. Well the one I did buy two years ago decided to die and now I have to go through the whole damn thing again. I’m happy about that. You know. Spending more money and all.

I pushed my friend Dan to start his own blog. He has the most irrational rationale I have ever seen in a human being. Leads me to believe he’s not really human sometimes. In any case, it makes him say the most ridiculous things without even coming close to thinking first and I thought it’d be funny to see it down on paper, err… web-er? You can check out Dan’s Wisdom if you ever get bored.

Alright. Gotta go find something to keep me busy while I wait to get tired.