L.A. Auto Show… Twilight Zone Style

Once again the auto show comes to town and once again, I forget my mono-pod for my camera. I got a whole batch of blurry, under/overexposed shots for ya in my gallery. Go take a look. So not only did I manage to take a whole bunch of crappy shots, I was able to run into at least 3 ex-girl somethings. Not sure what to classify them under. Just people I use to “hang out” with. Anyway, I turn and basically jog the other way anytime I’d see them. Pretty surreal. An episode from the twilight zone or something. Maybe they were forming a club and plotting to kill me. Hmm. Maybe I just had too wine and walking. Anyway, does anyone have any favorites from the L.A. or Detroit show? Highlights were definitely the C6 and Solstice for me. The Scion tC, Lexus IS430, and Mitsubishi Eclipse Concept E were also very nice. Oh, that new Mustang… I thought it was ugly in just the pictures. It’s ten times worse in person. Talk about a completely unoriginal and lazy design.