Is That AppleMusic I Hear?

Big Apple day and I’m excited so let’s get to it.

First on the list, a QuickTime update which includes the long awaited advanced AAC encoder. Good start here. Now let’s hope it’s not long until everyone else picks up on this format.

The iPod got a revision. They had demos in store today so I got to play with it. Tiny, slick, and more storage. Why on Earth did they get rid of standard FireWire ports though? Now you’ll have to carry around an Apple specific one just to connect to anything. In any case, does anyone want to buy my 20GB version? Getting rid of it cheap.

iTunes has been updated to version 4.0. Many Apple Music Store (talk about later) features integrated into it and support for AAC. The Rendezvous library sharing sounds great. Will try at work tomorrow and get back to ya.

Last (but certainly not least), Apple’s long rumored music service, the Apple Music Store, is in play and it’s all highly integrated with iTunes. Unlike most of the other music services out there, AppleMusic is a “pay per song” instead of a subscription based service. This is so gonna work! Look for a lot of other services to follow in this plan. $0.99 per song is not a lot to ask for when you’re talking about singles. Complete albums are a different story though. I’m not paying $9.99 for the whole thing. $7 would have been close to pushing it for me, but I would have gone with it. $10 is out of the question. What do you think? I haven’t been able to try the service yet because connecting is a royal bitch right now. I want my exclusive Alicia Keys!!! I’ll try again and let you know how it goes.

Of course, Apple also released all of this without having the complimenting ad campaign to go with it, so check that out to and tell me what you think. Pretty goofy if you ask me. Someone needs to smack that little kid singing Lose Yourself.

So there it is. A definite home run if you ask me. As say they, “It’s music to my ears.” But, by far, the best quote I’ve seen out there out so far… “Now let’s get back to making computers!”