iPad 3rd-gen

So my 3rd-generation iPad came in the mail this morning. Coming from the iPad 2, I have to say, I’m not very impressed. I mean what’s the killer feature that makes me really excited about this thing? The retina display? It’s hardly noticeable. Definitely, not as noticeable as the iPhone 3Gs to the iPhone 4. That’s for sure. The iSight camera? Big deal. Who is really using that camera on content that requires more megapixels? It’s that what your phone’s camera or a compact camera is for? So then the 4G LTE speeds are where it’s at, right? Not for me. Don’t care and don’t want it. Mine is just the wifi version and I’m very happy with that. How about dictation then? Well if this isn’t just a huge slap in the face reminder as to the device not having Siri, I don’t know what is.

Yeah, not very impressed.