I'm thinking…

…it’s time to clean my work station.
…for a “paperless company”, I sure need to go over a lot of paper work.
…I really need to make more progress with MySQL.
…it’s sh*t kicking time for the people at GoDaddy for not being able to take care of my domain forwarding problem.
…the comments need to be turned off on my site because people don’t understand what constructive commenting is about.
…I can’t wait to get to Arizona in this coming 3 day weekend to see some friends and the NASCAR race.
…that a pee sounds really good right about now.
…my lunch was pretty good today.
…I have to get my ass to the grocery store soon.
…there’s a ton of laundry to do and no one to do it for me.
…maybe it’s time to get a girlfriend.
…am I really comfortable at work anymore?
…I hope my Acura doesn’t pass smog so I have to buy a new car.