I'm learning…

Hot damn, I’m learning! Little by little so it seems but I am. I just got rid of the pre-made template for the-journals.com and replaced it with something original. Yes, it’s gray and boring (give me a break, I’m doing it at midnight and it took a half an hour), but I was bothered by the fact that what was up wasn’t mine. Of course, this is only temporary until I make the template I really want to have. Until then, let me know what you think.

Man, look at the time. After I started diving into the Radio software, I knew I was going to be up late tonight. Probably still gonna be up for a couple more hours screwing around with things. I also told myself at the begining of the week that I was going to start running every day after work again to work off my tummy, but that looks like it’s gonna be pushed back at least another week.

Damn you all to hell for all of this gorgeous technology! Not that I had a great social life before this, but I sure don’t see any good reason to leave my room anymore after tonight. That whole eating thing is way over-rated.