Holiday Weekend

It’s back to work today. At least I can look forward to the short work week. Everyone have a good 4th? Mine was ok. Little bit of booze, BBQ, and fireworks.

I did catch Spider-Man 2 again. Man, that movie is just as great the second time around. The video game also got surprisingly great reviews so I picked it up for Xbox. It’s awesome. More than awesome. They recreated the entire city of New York and you can go dive, swing, and crawl just about anywhere. It’s absolutely huge. A completely different game from the previous ones. I need to just get home and play right now.

Lindsay Lohan turned 18 last Friday. Happy birthday Lindsay. It’s ok for us to date now.

Grant, my friend from Arizona, is coming out to Cali from the 20th to 24th. That means I’m gonna have to reschedule my motorcycle classes and certification on the 23rd. The next earliest time to do it will be August 12th I think. I really wanted to get this thing done before summer started but oh well. Guess I’ll just have to wait until the fall now. Fun stuff.

Alright, back to work for now.