Hmm… Buy Tuesday?

Alright, so today wasn’t really a Best Buy Tuesday because I never went there specifically, but the spirit still remains.

The release of iSync 1.1 today really put me into high gear on getting a new phone to replace my super crappy, extra chinsy, and forever reception-less Sony Ericsson T68i. In the end, I changed my mind because I didn’t like what was currently available. Anyone have some recommendations for a reliable GSM phone?

In what I was thinking to be another fruitless attempt, I called up the Apple Store Pasadena thinking maybe, just maybe, they’d have the ever elusive Griffin iTrip in. Guess what? They did. “Save me that shit! I’ll be there in 15 minutes!” So I picked that up and the iCharger by Monster Cable (last car charger broke 10 seconds after I opened it). Done and done.

What would a Tuesday be without buying DVDs? Made myself a quick stop over at Tower Records and picked up what was one of the most fun movies last year, Die Another Day (my full review here). Also picked up About Schmidt and The Fast And The Furious: Tricked Out Edition.

Tuesdays are most definitely love/hate days. Mmm… new stuff. Ugh… less money.