Halo 2 Night

Me: “…and on the eighth day, the lord said, ‘Let there be Halo 2’, and there was much rejoicing, for the game geek brethern’s salvation had finally arrived and with great vigor.”

Tonight at midnight, I’ll be beside my brotherhood of game geekdom at my local GameStop to pick up what will, no doubt, be the greatest game ever made. I’m speaking of the Holy Grail of console gaming. A game so powerful and eagerly anticipated for at least the last 3 years, that I will have no choice but to surely cry at the sight and sounds of. I am, of course, talking about Halo 2. There will be no rest tonight. There will be play. Much much play. I’m sure to record as much of the excitement as I can with photos, video, audio, and text just to be thrown up on here as the night progresses and I sink slowly and surely into video game bliss.