G5 Benchmarks Bogus, Real-World Tests True

Tom Yager: “In his keynote, Apple CEO Steve Jobs said that the Power Mac G5 is the world’s fastest PC. He used SPEC (System Performance Evaluation Corporation) benchmark results to support that claim… The test results are invalidated by severely lopsided testing conditions.”

If this is to be believed, it’s quite a shame, especially when processor specs should be taken with a grain of salt. My understanding is SPEC relies heavily on the CPU (not a complete system) and has very little bearing in real-world use. Yager does bring this point to light.

“Apple’s real-world performance demos were impressive enough to make Jobs’ point… The Power Mac G5 shows major ass-kicking potential.”

So now if the real-world tests are to be believed, you can’t deny how impressive Apple’s Power Mac G5 is.