Elisha Cuthbert & Violent Video Games… Pure Heavan!

So I’m about to get to bed, but I wanted to jump on here real quick just because I don’t put up too many bullsh*t posts anymore and tonight had a lot of bullsh*t content for me.

The season premiere of 24 was on tonight. Oh man, I love this series and, of course, I love Elisha Cuthbert. Watching the episode made me remember exactly why I made her #1 on my Top 5 Girls list. The even-more-blonde hair on her is so working for me! You know I may stray every once in a while, but I always come back to the blondes.

Anything else happen? You’re damn right it did. How about playing the most violent video game ever made. I’m talking about none other than Grand Theft Auto: Vice City baby! This game is seriously so bad that if I myself had kids (knock on wood), there’s no way in hell I’d let them touch it. I don’t know of any other game out there where you can walk down the street with a chain saw and ripping into all of the gay fat people in speedos while they’re yelling out homosexual slurs in a bloody mess. Or how about this? Drive up to a prostitute, bargain with her on price, take her to a secluded spot to get your bang on, then when you’re done and she’s leaving the car, break out your hammer and beat her to death so you can steal all of your money back. Can someone say “good times”? Go out and get this game if you can!