Dreading the Drive

I was just sitting here thinking about the drive I’m gonna make to Arizona tonight. 5 hours in a car all by myself doesn’t sound very fun. I’m basically relying completely on my iPod to get me through the trip. I know the thing wont be able to go for 5 hours non-stop, so I need to pick up a car charger for it before I take off. I’m also gonna load up on caffeine pills considering I got about 3 hours of sleep last night. I came into work early today so I could take off around 3:30pm, get home around 4pm to grab the charger and some other things, and take off around 5pm. If I can keep my speed up, it should take me 5 hours to get there. Add an extra hour because of the time change and I should arrive in Tempe, AZ at 11pm. To make everything worse, it’s raining hard in Southern California right now so it’s gonna take forever to get out of here. Let’s just add an extra hour to that trip then. I’ll be in Tempe at midnight.

If I just keep thinking about the NASCAR race this weekend, I should be ok, but I can definitely see myself pulling over to a rest stop if it starts getting bad.