Domain Forwarding Problems

I’ve been having domain name and forwarding problems all damn week with, but they know of the problem. It’s not an isolated incident and it should fix itself in a little bit. Until then, you can always try some of the other domain names that point here. Refer back to this post.

Update (4:29pm): From what I’ve been getting out of the people at, it seems like this problem might continue over the weekend. This being the case, I’m not going to update to my new design until I feel the problem has been resolved. I probably wont do any posts either because it’s pointless if you can’t read them. Anyway, I have my friend from Arizona over this weekend and I’ll probably be in too much of an altered state to post something legible. That doesn’t mean you wont see illegible posts this weekend. ;) Hopefully the problem is fixed soon because I actually do like the new look. I’m tell everyone this like you actually care.