Dear Instagram

Dear Instagram,

I know we have had an “on again, off again” relationship for the past several years, but your recent actions have made me rethink how valuable we are to each other. I’ve enjoyed you taking my pictures from a $500 phone and turning them into an image you’d get from a $15 plastic camera. It was fun when you allowed me to shoot until my heart was content. When I thrust my pictures inside of you, I do that for our mutual benefit, but now you’re taking advantage of it.

You’ve simply become too controlling and I want to be my own man. My content is my content and I will decide the terms of how/when they are used and who uses them. I require more growth and maturity from you and hold hope you find both. If there ever comes a time when we can mutually agree to this and that spark is still there, maybe we can see where the day take us.  Until then, it’s time to go on our separate ways..

Of course, we can still be friends. If I see you out and about with other people, I will always greet you warmly and continue to remain respectful.

Take care. -Rich