Congratulations America

Congratulations America. You have just chosen another 4 years of having your rights raped and having the rest of the world hate us even more. The world is officially ending and most Americans couldn’t be happier. If you voted for Bush, let me just first say, fuck all of you assholes.

I’m having a real hard time dealing with this. It’s simply beyond my rationalization how an unpopular president 4 years ago can be voted in by the American people, especially considering everything he has done in the past 4 years. What does that say about us? I mean here in California, we did our part. What about those middle state Americans? You fucking redneck, racist, gun waving, hate everything that’s not white, straight, and God fearing bastards. You live inside of your little box with your big gun, little penis, and the want to destroy everything that doesn’t conform to your fucked up world showing absolutely no tolerance what so ever. I would have hoped that a majority of the country was beyond things like this, ya know? A little bit of progress through tolerance here and there. When you see 11 states all voting and passing to ban gay marriages in one night, you see exactly how ignorant and close-minded the people in this country really are and how little progress has really been made.

I am sickened, disgusted, and just plain saddened beyond belief. I was literally brought to tears this morning when I heard in the car coming into work about Kerry conceeding. I don’t know. You get into this state where you feel like all hope is lost and that there is simply not enough anyone can do to change anything. It’s hard to just function right now. I guess we have to just remember that is country is greater than any one man or party, but it sure is easy to forget, especially today.