Comic Con Bound

Looks like this weekend is gonna be a “dorking out” kind of weekend. Comic Con is here. Don’t let the name fool you. This is a lot more than the largest comic book convention in the world. It’s a complete spectacle that’s a lot like E3 (but not as dark or loud) and will definitely be a blast for fans and non-fans alike. It’s gonna be a nice break from all the crap happening at work. Help me take my mind off of stuff I just shouldn’t be thinking about.

I’m a complete mess right now at work. I hope I’m hiding it ok. Can’t think. Can’t focus on anything but the wrong things. I’m a complete spaz. Making mistakes only a 3rd grader should make. Not just at work either. I notice it in the car and at home a lot too. Basically anytime I’m by myself. Just not paying attention when I should be. My eyes are open but sometimes I just don’t see anything. I’m breaking down for sure and right now I can’t see any ground to break my fall anytime soon. Jeez, I hope I’m hiding it ok.

The weekend can’t come soon enough.