Closer Review

I’m on this high of trying to see all of the movies I’ve missed over the last month or so because of some reason or another. I have a list and am checking them off one by one. One this weekend was The Life Aquatic. It’s nothing to write home about and I’ll prove that right now.

The other I just came back from was Closer. I’m not sure where to begin with this one. It’s a story of two couples in love and the drama that’s created when the man from couple A gets involved with the woman from couple B. The thing that’s great about this flick is its characters. They cover the spectrum in personalities and you’re bound to related to at least one of them. Some of the things they do are strange to down right disturbing, but it never seems out of place. It perfectly captures the feelings that go through your mind during a lover’s quarrel and that’s why the things they do feel so real and are completely forgivable.

I have a new flick to place into my top ten for 2004. Closer is a brilliant movie with very mixed emotions and not seeing it would be a great injustice to your heart and mind.