Cars, Computers, & Refrigerators… Oh My!

Wow! What a week it’s been and it’s only Wednesday. A complete 180 from last week. USC’s loss, Carson Palmer injured, hell breaking lose at work, yada yada yada… So why is this week so good?

Monday, the Camaro is resurrected in the form of the Camaro Concept. The car is unbelievable! A 400hp, 2+2 seat configured, rear wheel drive coupe. Great! Add in 30mpg, displacement-on-demand technology, and a completely modern chassis/suspension/braking package and I’d say it’s damn near close to perfect. Chevrolet just needs to give me the word on an official release and I’m dropping my deposit for it. Yes, I’ll wait the 2-3 years for this.

Monday also brought great tidings of cold and freshness. What does this mean? Remember way back in February of last year when I was dealing with another round of refrigerator blue? Of course you don’t. Well I’ve been without a completely working refrigerator since that time. The freezer worked, but the refrigerator part didn’t. You take things like keeping food cold for granted. After a while of dealing with this problem, my roommate and I eventually just learned to live around it. We bought only non-perishable items and anything that could be frozen. I’d come home every day after work and take my frozen orange juice out of the freezer, even if I didn’t want any. That way if I did want some later, it would be somewhat thawed out. That’s the way we rolled. Well all of that came to a close on Monday also. When I got home, I had a brand new Maytag MFF2557H. 25 cubic feet, french doors, bottom freezer, dual freezing engines, ice maker. This thing is pimp. Now I just need to re-learn that it’s ok to buy perishable items.

Tuesday. MacWorld! The rumors went super wild this time about what was getting released and they couldn’t have been more off this time around. Intel iMacs and (what I thought stole the show) pro laptops all based around the Core Duo processor. I have been dying for a couple of years now to replace my aging G4/450×2 desktop with a high performance laptop. Never been able to do it because the Powerbook G4 was just not worth the money in my opinion. Well that’s changing today when I order my MacBook Pro. Pretty amazing stuff here. Fast processor, extremely fast graphics card, and loaded with new tech. The only thing lame about it is the stupid name. MacBook Pro? You could have done better than that Apple. I didn’t see any problem keeping the Powerbook name. Oh well. I can finally ditch all of that hardware sitting on my desks for something smaller, sleeker, and more powerful. Not shipping until February? Ok, I can wait.

So that’s the week so far. Very consumer whorish of me, I know. Oh well. What are ya gonna do? The only thing that might be able to top this week would be making sweet sweet love to Lindsay Lohan or something, and that’s not even a sure thing to beat this week.