Call It A Best Buy Week

Today is usually a Best Buy Tuesday, but nothing interesting came out. Instead, I’ll just talk about the toys I’ve gotten in the last week and some of the things I’m gonna get within the next month.

First off, Splinter Cell. This is everything a console game is suppose to be and everything Metal Gear Solid 2 couldn’t be. It’s simply the best looking game on any console system ever. That’s saying a lot considering you have something as good as Halo to look at.

Then there’s Xbox Live! I can’t believe how well everything just works. Very un-Microsoft like. It usually takes them one or two tries to get ANYTHING right. The Xbox was made knowing online play would be a huge part of it and it’s perfect (unlike the horrible PS2 online experience). Also, the community is just so much nicer. Any kid or a**hole can get on a PS2 and get online. Bad. Xbox has a very specific crowd they cater to. Hard core gamers and geeks alike. It’s great because everyone is a video game dork like me. A much more mature crowd who’s there to have fun and not just alienate people. I’ve been playing MechAssault and MotoGP non-stop on it with no end in sight. You aren’t going to hear me say this a lot, but way to go Microsoft!

Any movies? I bought The Boondock Saints on DVD and watched it for the first time last week. Simply put, it’s an amazingly funny, dramatic, and highly underrated film. Get it now if you haven’t seen it. I can’t wait for the sequel, Boondock II: The Second Coming, which should start filming very soon and ready for release next year.

Finally, I made my decision on home theater systems. Here’s the quick run down on all of the equipment I’ll be buying:

Home Theater System
a href=” “>Onkyo HT-S650 $599
PS2 Cables
a href=”″>Monster Cable GameLink 350 S-Video and Fiber Optic Audio $49.95
Xbox Cables
a href=”″>Monster Cable: GameLink 300 X S-Video $44.95
a href=”″>Monster Cable: LightWave 100 X Fiber Optic Audio $34.95

It’s all a little more than what I was expecting, but I think it’s a good investment.

That’s it for now. Radio is still having issue with OSX 10.2.2, but I finally got everything up and running somewhat stable so you’ll see regular updates again soon.