Blogging the 83th Annual Academy Awards

Alright, I’ll blog this thing and see how it goes.

5:32pm: Seriously, does it get any better than Anne Hathaway? She’s my number one for so many reason. The girl is beautiful, smart, and one hell of an actress. I’m not going to mind watching her all night.

5:37pm: How can you not get excited when you hear the theme song from Back to the Future?

5:44pm: Of all the movies to win art direction, it’s the one I didn’t see and have no want to see.

5:47pm: Heck yeah! Score one for Inception! It deserved it.

5:52pm: I love Kirk Douglas but why are his earlobes so damn long?

5:57pm: Hailee Steinfeld should have won it, but whatever.

6:02pm: Alright, I’ll say it. I have a huge man crush for Justin Timberlake. Mila Kunis ain’t so bad either.

6:06pm: Oh heck yeah! Toy Story 3, totally the best animated movie I’ve seen in about the last half decade!

6:10pm: Gotta start the BBQ.

6:18pm: Oh complete bullshit! Really? The King’s Speech was a better screenplay than Inception? Why in the hell is there so much Inception hate going on?!

6:32pm: Christian Bale’s portrayal of Dicky Eklund in The Fighter reminded me so much of my friend Rob. Yeah, he really is that fucked up. It was uncanny. I’m giggling thinking about how many people are freaking out that they never knew Christian Bale had an accent.

6:35pm: Super 8 is going to be awesome!

6:40pm: Time to check on the BBQ and crack open the beer.

6:42pm: Star Wars!!! John Williams rocks!

6:43pm: Trent Reznor won an Oscar?! Well the guy is brilliant so he definitely deserves it.

6:47pm: Sound Mixing and Sound Editing to Inception! What movie really deserved it more? I hope this isn’t going to turn out all of the technical achievements to Inception, but nothing else.

6:54pm: Marisa Tomei… still so hot.

7:04pm: Randy Newman has officially lost it. Pixar, it’s completely time to find someone else to contribute songs to your movies.

7:12pm: Amy Adams is not attractive. She always looks like she’s about to cry.

7:33pm: Best Visual Effects for Inception. Score!

7:37pm: Eating hot dogs. Can’t talk now!

8:03pm: I am publicly protesting the best director category. How dare they leave out Christopher Nolan!

8:14pm: If Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t win, I’m gonna freak out! Although if Natalie Portman wins, then that will be ok.

8:16pm: I’m ok with this, but just barely. Oh Natalie, why did you have to go and get fat?

8:32pm: Anne Hathaway, you look the hottest you’ve looked all night!

8:35pm: The King’s Speech? This is total crap!