Best Buy Tuesday

I know it’s Thursday already, but it I’m still gonna tell ya about my Best Buy Tuesday. I guess we can start with music.

I picked up Linkin Park‘s new album, Meteora. Their first album was good and this one is really just more of the same. Would have been nice to hear something a little new, but it’s still good. The tracks standing out for me are Numb, Faint, and Nobody’s Listening (much like this site).

So what about movies? Well, I missed last weeks release of 8 Mile so that’s one. It’s a good flick but sticks to a very typical formula. Brittany Murphy‘s always a plus though. Also picked up Jackass: The Movie. This is easily one of the funniest movies (if you can call it that) of all time. It’s all shock humor, though, and that tends to only stay funny for some time before it wears off.

It’s game time. Last weekend, I picked up my Gameboy Advance SP (the bling color) and on Tuesday, I got Sonic Advance 2. Now I have even more stuff to take with me into the bathroom. I also grabbed Delta Force: Black Hawk Down. I’ve been waiting for this one. It doesn’t follow the book or the movie directly but it does take place during the “Ilene” missions that they were written around. The whole thing grabs you right away. You start off flying through the desert on the back of a HumV manning the 50 caliber rifle and blasting your way through opposition on your way to protect a suply depot. This game is good.

I also dropped by Fry’s to grab a new mouse. My old one was getting, well… old. Treated myself big time with this one. I picked up the Logitech MX 700. Optical, way too many buttons, comfortable as all hell, and completely wireless to boot. It’s simply the best mouse I’ve ever owned. I’m just wondering if it’s going to last through those fits of rage and impending toss across the room. I guess we’ll see.

I have a good ammount of personal stuff to lay out here soon, so stay tuned.