Bathroom Sleeping Techniques

I read this study a while ago that said a large percent (I don’t recall the exact number) of people find the time to sleep in the bathroom at work. I am not an exception to this. During my time of need yesterday when I was incredibly tired, this was inevitably a trip that needed to be taken. When sitting on the throne, I had always just held onto the “special” people bar for retards and rested my head against that. Sure it was cold and uncomfortable, but it worked. Well, a friend guided me over the proper way to sleep in our work bathroom. He explained how I need to pull the shelves over from the wall to directly in front of me and lay my head on the top of that. He was so right! It’s the perfect height when sitting. You have to find something to lay over the cold bare steel though and considering it will probably be some sort of reading material, it’s got to be something where the ink wont rub off on your skin. This is not an easy task when you haven’t pre-planned your current pooping session, you’re in the heat of the moment, and the pressure is about to make your ass fall off. My solution? I’m going to begin creating a non-abrasive non-marking pad to lay under me that I can hide in the bathroom cabinets. Then I can have hours and hours of sleeping enjoyment in our work bathroom.

So what’s the point of this post? Well, I learn something new ever day. What did you learn today?