Backing Up Memories

We’re having major problems with our SAN at work right now. We’re in a situation where we might have to restore from a backup made over a month ago and it got me thinking about my personal backup at home today. Well, I’ve been thinking about it for a while now, but I really thought about it today. It’s time to invest in a DVD-RW system this weekend.

Anyway, I was going through all of my storage and found some things I haven’t seen in years. They were mostly images from the high school days that were either scanned in or taken with my QuickTake 100, but I also found some real early personal website I had totally forgotten about. I’ll probably post everything up here as is in the future, but until then I figure I’d share a little. Try not to laugh too hard. That first one is about 5 years old taken at USC. The second is me much younger. Check out what I’m holding in my hand. Even at that age I knew what computer was best.