Are Ya Ready For Some (Virtual) Football?!

Another boring video game post. On September 5, the NFL will officially kick off the season. Man I can’t wait and now I don’t have to. NFL 2K3 from Sega was released yesterday for the PS2 and I picked the bastard up. If you know anything about football video games, then you know that the Madden series from EA Sports has always been the “end all, be all” of football games, but that’s no longer the case. Sega tops EA is just about ever aspect with NFL 2K3 and it’s very plain to see. The only people who are going to even bother picking up Madden (also released yesterday) are the die hard fans of the series who are simply stuck in their ways. Ohh, and Sega also got rid of cry baby Randy Moss (from last years version) on the cover to pick up bad ass tough guy Brian Urlacher. Now I get to guide my Bears to the Super mofo Bowl baby! This is definitely the new “end all, be all” of football games.