Apples Tomorrow: My Expectations

Tomorrow is the start of the 2003 Worldwide Developers Conference and it’s no secret Apple has been throwing a lot of hype at it. The one thing that’s really made me upset with them is their lack of support (mostly hardware related) to the professional community. Yeah, the iMacs are sweet little machines and iApps are great, but I’m never buying one. Well, WWDC 2003 should change all of that. We officially know they’ll already be showing off Panther, the next version of OSX, and a ton of technologies aimed strictly at developers. Very good start. Unofficially, we should be seeing a lot more. Reports and rumors all point to new a completely new pro desktop lineup to replace the ever aging and comparatively slow G4 pro desktops.

What I expect is to purchase a Power Mac G5 sometime in the next week, have it ship by mid-July, and come with Mac OSX 10.3.

I guess we’ll see by tomorrow 10am PDT. Check here for live updates around that time.