Another Weekend Down The Drain

The gf is out of town this weekend visiting some friends in Chicago and although I do definitely miss her, it’s absolutely amazing how much I was able to get done by myself.

I was able to replace the front windshield and front passenger side window on the Acura for super cheap. Windshield busted from junk flying up off the freeway about 6 months ago and the passenger side window was ripped out from someone breaking into my car (and taking nothing) maybe a month and a half ago. I wouldn’t have done it at all if it was gonna be too expensive, but luckily it wasn’t. Also washed it, did an oil change, and cleaned out the air filter. Oh and then the best part. After all of that, the car wouldn’t start. Great, right? Turns out my battery was leaking and it destroyed the battery cables. Oh well. Gotta get that fixed sometime this week. Until then, I guess I’m driving around the Camaro.

I think the hard drive on my Mac desktop is about to take a dump so I ordered a 180GB drive. Haven’t shopped for a hard drive in about a year. It’s amazing how cheap they are now. Looks like I’m gonna have my first experience with Carbon Copy Cloner to move the contents from the old drive to the new drive. Anyone use it before? Will it do what it’s told? Easy enough?

Alright, I watched the coolest movie this weekend. As far as cool goes, it was definitely the coolest movie I’ve seen all year. If you haven’t seen Man On Fire yet, you need to get your ass to the store and buy it. There’s no need to rent it. Just buy it. I passed it up in the theaters and ignored how much everyone loved it. Saw it at Best Buy a week ago and picked it up for no reason what so ever and man, was it a good decision. Nine Inch Nails is all over the score of this flick and it completely works. Do yourself a favor, get the DVD. Get a home theater system, and enjoy.

So you may have heard of this movie called Star Wars. You may have also heard the DVDs for the original trilogy came out last Tuesday. Yeah, you need to get this too. I know a lot of people who aren’t buying it because of all the changes Lucas has done to is. How could he do this and how could he do that and I’m so tired of hearing it. How nice is it to get a damn nice transfer of the films to DVD? How great is it to listen to the flicks in full 5.1 Dolby Digital? They’re so quick to point out the “bad” changes that they don’t even notice these huge improvements and those “bad” changes take absolutely nothing away from films. Bottom line… it’s Lucas’ characters, Lucas’ story to tell and he should be able to tell it anyway he wants.

Alright, I need to shut down my Mac (that’s running Radio) before the hard drive totally goes and I can’t do the copy later.