Another Best Buy Day

I had to take a sick day today. I think I might have a stomache virus or something. For some reason though, I always find the strength to spend money. I just got back home after picking up a couple of things from my local Best Buy: The X-files Season 5 DVD, From Hell DVD, The Others DVD, and the new album from Moby.

Season 5 of the X-files was considered the last “good” season. I think that all of them are great and I can’t wait until season 6, 7, 8, and 9 are out. Season 5 was also when they started filming the series in a widescreen format and it looks great of DVD. From Hell was a very decent movie, but I think it suffered from the “a good movie can be ruined by a great book” syndrome. From Hell is a great book and the movie could have been great if they just stuck to the story. Still, the visuals in From Hell make it a worth wild buy on DVD. I haven’t seen The Others yet, but I heard it was very well done and very scary. I’ll let ya know what I think about it after I watch it. Then there’s the new Moby album, 18. Moby is just a brilliant artist and a huge Apple advocate. This being the case, you can always trust that he’ll never release one of those copy protected cds and always side with consumer’s rights. I can’t wait to hear this album.