Alien vs Predator

I’ve read a lot of other reviews for Alien vs Predator and the feedback is overwhelming. The traditional critics absolutely hate everything about it. Story. Acting. Even the action. You name it. They hate it. To this, I say “nay, nay”.

There are many versus in the realm of scifi/fantasy but the true fans know nothing come close to the Alien vs Predator crossover. Being a fan of the Dark Horse comics since the beginning, my opinions may be a little skewed. Bottom line, this flick delivers exactly what it promises. Finally, Aliens and Predators clash together on the big screen and hit you with some truly awesome fighting sequences. This movie is “eye candy” in every sense of the words. It is, in fact, the very definition of it.

Now there are problems with it and they can be defined with just one word… humans. In most of the comics, humans are non-existent and when they are around, they’re usually bad ass colonial marines from the Alien series. Instead, we get a bunch of wussy explorers who you’re more than happy to see get killed. This is a Hollywood movie and therefore someone thought it needed a plot. Again, we get something extremely half-assed together. I’m not going to worry about giving up any spoilers because it just doesn’t matter and I need to tell you to prove my point. Towards the end of the movie, a Predator actually takes the last human (who you knew from the start was gonna be the only survivor) under his wing and they have to work together to escape. Umm, no. Just plain wrong. If the writers and director actually did their homework and read any of the comics, they’d know that’s about the lamest thing ever. Predators hunt anything and everything that aren’t other Predators. Swing and miss on that one guys.

Even with with complaints, I don’t know how you can’t get excited when you hear the hissing of the Aliens or the crackling voice of the Predators. Nothing can explain the rush you get when the two look at each other for the first time and you know, it’s so on! You know what? Nevermind the terrible acting and a plot that shows exactly how many rewrites it’s gone through. Fans like myself have been waiting years for this. People! Do you see what I see? There are Aliens and there are Predators and they’re on the big screen. They are kicking the shit out of each other and that is just plain cool! ‘Nuff said.