Aborted Camaro Concept Design

Want to see what the original Camaro Concept that would have been released at the 2005 show last year? It got scrapped and transformed into the one we know today. Autoblog has the story.

2006 Camaro Concept that we all know.

Original concept that was scheduled for release in 2005.

Sketch of the original concept’s front end.

Sketch of the original concept’s rear end.

Clay model of a strange fastback version.

Original concept next to a 1st-gen Camaro.

Hmm. The original concept looks way too much like a 1st-gen Camaro and that fastback version is just ugly. I’m happy they went back and made the thing look revolutionary instead of evolutionary. People need to know this is a new vehicle that only shares the name and heart of the original Camaro.